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Sookasa was founded in 2012 by a father–son team as a secure file-sharing service. Seamlessly integrating with ubiquitous cloud-based platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive and Slack, Sookasa dedicates itself to the idea that professionals should be able to enjoy all the conveniences of the cloud with the confidence of knowing their files are secure and compliant.

As one of the front-runners in this quickly growing market space, Sookasa needed to re-define itself with an identity that was both trustworthy and accessible. StudioRd worked closely with the Sookasa team to develop a brand language that is both unique from – and elevated above – the competition. The design system is applied across a number of key touchpoints, including a website, a web application interface, presentation materials, infographics and a variety of both print and digital marketing materials. As a testament to their success, Sookasa was acquired in 2016 by Barracuda Networks – a leader in cloud, network, and data security trusted by more than 175,000 organizations worldwide.


Sookasa Logo on photo of multiple devices
Sookasa Logo before and after
Sookasa Logo and Identity Guidelines
Sookasa Icon Suite
Sookasa Website on Phone and Tablet
Sookasa How It Works Diagram
Sookasa Dashboard
Sookasa Collateral
Sookasa Collateral
Sookasa Whitepaper

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