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Morgan Fischer is the swiss army knife of corporate leasing. With a nimble team, Morgan is able to manage the corporate real estate procurement process - end-to-end - for spaces of any size. His hands-on approach frees his clients to attend to other important matters, which is a crucial asset for business owners with complex tasks and aggressive timelines.

Morgan needed a name, a brand and a digital presence to both convey the variety of services he provides and instill confidence in his expertise. As someone who is as fluent with the janitor as he is with the CEO, it felt logical to combine a desired family name "Forrester" with the word "Urbane" to reflect his self-possessed and courteous manner. By leaning on the familiarity of a staircase icon - a symbol already associated with indoor spaces - we created a mark that not only reflects the outline of the letter "F" but also captures the intent of moving upward toward completion. The minimalism of this symbol helps to capture what Forrester Urbane brings to complex projects - simplicity. A confident point of view on photography and a simple single-scrolling website serve as touchpoints that reinforce the mission.

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