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AvenueCX is an independent consultancy that specializes in enterprise content strategy, omnichannel strategy and personalization services. Their central mission is enabling companies to create quality content that is delivered to the right user at the right time, place and context.

As a newly formed company, the AvenueCX team needed a logo and identity that was unique from the competition - not only to stand out from the pack, but to also echo their goal of raising the bar and resetting the industry standard for how content strategy is crafted. StudioRd Design worked closely with the AvenueCX team to develop both a visual system and a distilled set of principles that defines the core of their work: Analyze; Organize; Optimize.

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AvenueCX Logo
AvenueCX Logo Animation
AvenueCX Collateral
AvenueCX Logo Color Variations
AvenueCX Presentation Cover on Laptop
AvenueCX Color Palette

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