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Founded in 2017, AV Design Labs provides staff-augmentation and general consulting services to audio/visual service businesses. With drafting, engineering and programming expertise, and a combination of both desktop and mobile applications that expedite the survey process, AV Design Labs is revolutionizing the audio/visual service industry with greater accuracy and efficiency.

Starting from the ground up, AV Design Labs came to StudioRd Design with the need for both a logo and identity as well as a digital web presence. With the projection of sound, video and light being core to the experience, we reduced these elements to a basic, geometric expression in order to convey the simplicity of the services AV Design Labs brings to this industry: a reduction of both time and complexity. The identity communicates a high level of service and quality in three main verticals (Home, Office and Retail) across a variety of physical materials and collateral. A fully responsive website was built to support the brand and promote the products being offered as part of the service.

Website coming soon...

AV Design Labs Logo animating
AV Design Labs Logo Application
AV Design Labs Identity on Stationary
AV Design Labs Business Cards
AV Design Labs Brochures
AV Design Labs Brochures
AV Design Labs Brochure Interior
AV Design Labs Responsive Website
AV Design Labs Responsive Website

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